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My current interests focus on developing best practices for data science and statistical consulting. I view best practices as a set of organizational practices that not only include coding, but also the thought processes and resulting analysis strategies. So in addition to advising students on how to organize their code, I also provide a framework for approaching complex problems. In general, I find that these skills need to be learned through practical experience and mentoring.

Some particular topics of interest to me are the use of GitHub for version control, the organization of folders and files (including standard naming conventions), best practices for organizing code, best practices for writing code, and best practices for analysis strategies. I generally recommend the use of the R software language for most applications, but the practices that I advocate apply equally well to Python and other languages.

I am applying my interest in best practices as I assist Professor Steve Marron with the statistical consulting class, STOR 765. I work with students in the class as well as volunteering one-on-one mentoring sessions. As part of that class I also advise students on the master’s projects. Over the years, I have worked closely with Professor Marron and advised several Ph.D. students in the department in addition to supporting them as interns at BD. I look forward to continuing to mentor and educate the next generation of statisticians and data scientists.

I retired from Becton Dickinson (BD), a large medical technology company, in the fall of 2017. I was the first statistician hired by BD, in 1984. I was privileged to work on many interesting projects while maintaining my academic interests. I was recognized as a BD Fellow in Statistics in Experimental Design. The BD Fellow is the company’s highest scientific recognition.

During my career in industry, I specialized in experimental design, statistical graphics, machine learning, assay calibration, bioinformatics, cloud computing, dashboards for decision support, and high dimension/low sample size data methods.

As part of my work, I developed a number of R packages that have appeared on CRAN and BioConductor. I also did extensive internal software development including robotics, databases, laboratory management, cloud based bioinformatics systems, etc.